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We provide you with pragmatic, evidence-based, and integrated support to ensure your outcomes are achieved.

Research & Insights

Undertake research into your specific needs, context and maturity.

We help you identify the actions that will make the biggest difference.

  • Stakeholder consultation
  • Maturity assessments
  • Benchmarking
  • Targeted research
  • Reviews

Strategy & Planning

Assess your current-state, identify possible futures and explore options to navigate from where you are to where you truly want to be.

  • Growth strategy
  • Modernisation strategy
  • Transformation strategy
  • Corporate strategy
  • Other targeted strategies

Capability Uplift

Identify, assess and rapidly build the organisational capabilities (people, processes and technologies) you need to perform both now and into the future.

  • Capability identification
  • Capability assessment
  • Capability prioritisation
  • Capability planning
  • Capability development


Get help to navigate the complexities of change by identifing emerging implementation issues and ensuring intended benefits and outcomes are realised.

  • Change consultation
  • Change readiness
  • Change uplift
  • Change support
  • Change monitoring

Leverage Our Advisory Capabilities

We have deep expertise and experience in the following capability areas.

Strategy & Policy

Identify options, decisions and actions to enable your intended outcomes to be achieved.

People & Culture

Attract, develop and retain the right people to enable your organisation to succeed.

Digital & Technology

Leverage the power of technology to streamline, automate, and boost productivity and performance.

Customer Experience and Design

Design and deliver exceptional solutions and customer experiences to boost customer engagement, conversion and loyalty.

Growth, Marketing & Sales

Position your brand and systemise sales to target, attract and grow your customer base.

Financial Transformation

Uplift your financial maturity to enable improved decision-making, resource allocation and financial performance.

Communication & Change Craft powerful messages that resonate with your staff, increase alignment and support effective transformation.

Learn About Some of Our Advisory Case Studies

Some examples of our work follows, we can provide additional examples tailored to your needs upon request.

Building Organisational Capability

Our team have worked on more than 20 whole-of-enterprise reviews of organisational capability. Each review analysed organisational capability in terms of people, processes and systems.

The reviews have required substantial research and analysis as well as advice, communication and change management activities.

Findings from the reviews have informed decisions made at the most senior levels of government and business—by chief executives, agency heads, boards and bodies such as the APS Secretaries Board.

We have received consistent high-quality feedback on our work from both our clients and from an independent analysis which found our work to be “well regarded, appropriate, valued and useful.”

Improving Functions

We have reviewed a large number of functions to provide targeted assessment, advice and support.

Typically, we analyse stakeholder perceptions, maturity, strengths, gaps and opportunities. We then develop practical findings, prioritised recommendations and an implementation roadmap for uplift and change.

Feedback from our clients has been consistent in terms of the high-quality process, benefits and outcomes delivered by these reviews. An example follows.

“Leading Insights’ thorough, considered and engaging approach was recognised and appreciated by stakeholders. They built trust with the team involved, and undertook a comprehensive, evidence-based assessment of all aspects of the function.”

Enterprise, Function & Service Design

We have worked with clients in Australia and internationally to design/redesign and architect organisations, functions and services.

This process typically starts with identifying a clear purpose and the outcomes required, undertaking research into global best-practice, identifying resource opportunities and constraints and working with stakeholders to define success.

We then undertake targeted design and architecture work to deliver our clients with everything they need to understand, implement, refine and monitor the outcomes achieved. We provide further support and guidance as useful to ensure the intended benefits are realised, capability is developed and outcomes are achieved in a timely and effective manner.

Hear Our Clients’ Experiences

We regularly work with people at all levels of an organisation to deliver results that exceed their expectations. Some examples of our clients’ feedback follows, we are happy to put you in touch with individual clients to discuss their experiences further as useful.  

It has been a pleasure working with you. You’ve been very responsive to our needs, and all the feedback has been fantastic!

We are very pleased with the outcome and would welcome any opportunity to work together again

Client, Large Service Delivery Organisation

The team brought such clarity and insight in such a short time, it has been fantastic!

Client, Large Australian Organisation

Leading Insight built trust with the team involved, and undertook a comprehensive, evidence-based assessment of all aspects of the function.

As project sponsor, I was provided with appropriate visibility of progress and particularly appreciated the judgement shown by the project lead in the way he brought items to my attention in a timely, sensitive and constructive manner. At the conclusion, I was presented with a concise and polished product that provided me with an effective future state that we are now in the process of implementing.

I have no hesitation in recommending Matthew should an organisation be considering a critical examination of functions with a view to planning for the future.

Senior Executive, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

The team was able to deliver a clear and concise report based on evidence derived from workshops and surveys that distilled into a number of actions that were implementable immediately.

Feedback from staff who were involved in the workshops was positive and reflected well on the respectful and professional way the team were able to draw out the key concerns of staff and to replay those back.

From my perspective, the team clearly understood the assignment and were adaptive in their approach to ensure a successful outcome

General Manager, Major Australian Brand

The team performed exceptionally well in a set of circumstances that was more challenging than would normally be the case and was remarkably professional.

Team members brought different strengths and experience to the review, it wasn’t a monochrome team. The processes and capacity to search the evidence were also impressive.

Deputy Secretary, The Treasury (Australia)

The Review examined our organisational capability in terms of people, processes, systems and tools to meet our future priorities and objectives. Their approach of consulting widely across the agency, both to inform the Review and validate its findings, was important in bringing staff along with the change management journey.

The team were collaborative, thorough and brought their considerable experience and insights to the review.

The review was delivered on time and on budget and will be a valuable resource for me in driving change in the organisation.

Agency Head, Australian Communication and Media Authority