We are currently undertaking research into how new ways of working that are being trialed, implemented and scaled across the Australian Public Service (APS).

The aim of the research is to identify trends in terms of better practice as well as challenges. From the research, we will produce a report and maturity framework to help APS professionals:



We have begun to interview the heads of relevant areas in APS agencies. This is mostly focused on people who run a centralised function which is focused on design, behavioural insights, agile and/or lean.

Our aim is to meet people from a range of APS organisations—from central agencies through to large departments and smaller portfolio agencies.

We will not identify any agencies or people interviewed as part of the research findings and recommendations. This is to help ensure that people can be open and honest in sharing their views and experiences.

Instead, we will aggregate the findings to highlight what is most useful to APS professionals and teams in implementing new ways of working.

Research process

The research is being undertaken using a qualitative human-centred design approach. Themes will be drawn from the evidence gathered to inform our findings and recommendations.


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