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Introduction and welcome to the negotiation program.

Relevant videos on negotiation to extend your learning.

Relevant articles to extend your learning.

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Course Welcome

Introduction from Matthew Mulrine, Managing Director of Leading Insight.


We are pleased to present to you with our Advanced Negotiation course. This course has been developed after significant research, drawing on current academic theory, global better-practice and the input of some of Australia’s top negotiators.

Our aim with this program is to ensure you get what you want and need, help you grow (personally and professionally), contribute to your work and have fun learning along the way.

We value your perspective and would like to hear about your experience with the course, including what you valued and learnt, how you applied it, and what we can improve.

Learning is a continuous voyage of discovery and growth. As companions on this journey, we look forward to getting to know you, providing you with support, and to collaborating to achieve fantastic outcomes together.

All our best,


Matthew Mulrine
Managing Director | Leading Insight
0423 188 185 |


Relevant videos to extend your learning.

Chris Voss, FBI Hostage Negotiation Expert, on never split the difference

Robert Cialdini, Pscyhology Expert, on how to get people to say yes


Jim Camp, Negotiation Expert, on understanding and using emotion


Relevant articles to extend your learning.

Emotion and the Art of Negotiation

Managing Conflict in Negotiations

What\’s Your Negotiation Strategy

The Hidden Challenge of Cross-Cultural Negotiation

How to Negotiate with Powerful Suppliers

XX – Book excerpt: Start with No

XX – Book Excerpt: Never Split the Difference

Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch with the main contact for this program.

0423 188 185